Ferrari Cav. Bruno cured meats

The specialities
you deserve

Deep in the heart of the Parma Valley, the Ferrari family
has been producing Coppa, Fiocco and Culatta specialities of inestimable quality since 1962,
using wholesome ingredients and artisanal processing methods.

The Coppa

The Ferrari Cav. Bruno cured meat processing plant has been pursuing the perfect product recipe for over 60 years in a synergic blend of tradition and innovation. A family-run business appreciated throughout Italy by restaurants, major multiples and lovers of good food.

Our products, our pride

Wholesomeness and research combine together to create these delicacies.

Beyond the production process

It is a ritual, a tradition.

We are the custodians of ancient methods, a family heritage, procedures that passion and commitment have improved over time. Not only have Bruno Ferrari's ingredients and instructions been preserved in the recipes, but also in the heart.

Description of the project

Ferrari Cav. Bruno took part in a project to upgrade and extend the technological systems used when Prosciutto Crudo and cured meats are made.