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Coppa, a family heritage

It was 1960 when young Bruno Ferrari began to work in a nearby cured meat processing plant at weekends.

It was then that, besides developing a passionate interest in his job, he also came up with a brilliant idea: in an area studded with Prosciutto factories, why not focus on producing the cured Coppa speciality?

Thus the Salumificio Ferrari Cav. Bruno cured meat processing plant began its business venture and our family set out along the path of commitment, enterprise and tenacity. Everyone lent a hand, even our grandfather by breeding pigs.

We were the first to produce Coppa in the Langhirano area. A place that seems to have been created for this resource. In a land such as this, with frequent mists and a high level of humidity thanks to the nearby river Parma, a product like Coppa can acquire that characteristic, unmistakable flavour that sets it apart from all the other similar Italian products.

The curing process takes place in extremely humid conditions while drying proceeds very slowly, thereby ensuring that the consistency of the final product is soft, with well-defined sensory characteristics in a class of their own.

We have come a long way since those harsh winters outdoors, because the first cold room was only installed in 1964. From then on, we were also able to work in the summer. Two years later, we enlarged this building and added a curing department. This enlargement work has never ceased because our business grew so rapidly that we were always needing more space and technological resources: an unexpected success.

Our founder, Bruno, who had since been awarded the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro, passed away in 1999. His son Luca then took over the company which, from childhood memory, became a project for the future. The recipe and original, artisanal processing method were maintained without neglecting innovation and market research: we wanted our products to be the best in the territory and this mission has guided our every step. In 2011, Ferrari Cav. Bruno obtained ECEPA certification for the production of Coppa Parma PGI, our flagship product.

The Story continues, in the name of tradition and innovation

We are continuing to focus on quality, on improving our cured meat specialities and the service we provide to an even greater extent: a service dedicated to Customer satisfaction, certified raw materials and a sustainable chain of production.

We have invested in sophisticated technologies able to monitor plant performance and probes to keep the temperature of our products under control. It is essential to monitor the breeding farms and slaughterhouses. These Italian enterprises are examined and selected since we require assurances as to feed safety and that the animals are raised in conditions of wellbeing. Healthful, tasty cured meats are also achieved thanks to research and development.
But besides cutting-edge machinery, instrumentation and monitoring processes we also rely on time-proven artisans’ skills such as the salting process, which has remained the same since 1974. The material with which the tools and utensils are made may change – from wood to stainless steel – but we still use the same table we had in the Eighties. A table top steeped in hard work and values, a rural culture with which these walls and our relationship with the local community are still imbued: the founder’s son Luca still delivers the products personally, with his best smile.
An enterprise that continues to improve and reap the rewards of its commitment: the turnover is on the increase; it amounted to 3 million eurosin 2019. The plant numbers 10 employees and is continuing to expand. It now occupies 1500 sq m, of which 1000 sq m are dedicated to finishing the products, with 3 cold rooms and 8 curing rooms. Production never stops: Coppa 3700 units per week, Fiocco 6000 units per year, Culatta 4000 units per year.

The secret ingredient? Total dedication

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